The Fury of Fathis

The Ascension of Saint Renzo
He died in GLORY

Our weary heroes travelled to meet with the courtesan Chan’dell at the Prudent Lady Inn. Upon arrival at the snooty establishment, they discovered several characters of note in town. Ser S’Conrad in particular turned heads with his offer for an award for the capture of the vagabond murderer, Renzo.

While napping by the wagons, Cordite suddenly began to feel intense hatred towards Renzo, and began to plot his downfall without delay. As a druid, she naturally did this by relying on the forces of nature. When Renzo was discovered and put in the stocks over night to await trial by combat, she set venomous snakes on him.

A hazy, blood coloured sun rises on the new day. Renzo is taken from the stocks and paraded before the jeering crowds. Ser S’Conrad plans to execute Renzo without delay, but is persuaded by Renzo’s stalwart companions to trial by combat. Unfortunately, Cordite decides to provide S’Conrad with the ‘favour’ of Bulls Strength.

Naked Battle in the Steaming Onsen
So many glorious battle poses.

After looting the field, our battle weary friends spoke to the Elderling about his long captivity with the Drow Shadow Nation. As it turns out, the name isn’t completely symbolic. The entire nation is covered in a literal shadow powered by dark magic, which allows the drow people to walk unimpeded by sunlight at any hour. The mastermind behind the plot to expand this shadow empire is Queen Ryulan.

Equipped with new knowledge and eager to fund an expedition into the wastes, the group added the Elderling to their numbers and returned to Fathis for their reward. Unfortunately, Ser Quinton beat them to it. he took the entirety of credit and reward, becoming famous as savior of the Feh’Run fringe towns.

Too battle weary to fight for their just reward, our heroes retired to the steaming baths of the fire god.

Suddenly, assassins!

Our brave heroes fight for their lives, naked limbs dripping with sweat and onsen water. steam swirls about their bodies as they dodge and thrust with skill. The deadly drow assassins are defeated! Coradite is rescued from the magic chains! Hurrah!

But questions remain. Why, one might wonder, do you pose such a threat to Ryulan that she would risk such an open attack in the heart of the continent? The Darkness is coming…..

The Battle of the Flaming Wastes
Six fools take on an army and miraculously survive. Mostly.

Five foolhardy adventurers chased the forces of warlord Rannek, accompanied by the mighty dragon Schlyssa, into the wasteland that fringes the Feh’Rhun desert. Upon reaching this warcamp, they decided to attempt a stealthy entry.

Coradite inflitrated in rat form, while Lennex attempted a mix of stealth, disguise, and bluffing. Unfortunately, he was very bad at impersonating a human desert dweller. With the aid of Ser Quinton he managed to gain entrance to the command tent. Seeing a drow prince reading on a chez lounge, he carefully stepped into a position behind the unsuspecting neck. Poised with a dagger, he struck suddenly! Things escalated quite quickly from that point.

Lennex flew about like Peter Pan, Renzo ran through the army like Sonic the hedgehog, Coradite became a little tornado of elemental fury, Solaire decapitated everyone in sight, and Ser Burrick ended up bound and unconcious on the ground.

Ser Quinton, ever the practical strategist, found this to be the ideal opportunity to rid himself of a hated rival. Still disguised as a member of Rannek’s war band, he leaned in close with a dagger, whispering, “know we know who is strongest. Die in pain”. Ser Burrick’s blood drenched the sands. Ser Quinton blends back into the chaos of battle, unobserved.

After a long and intense struggle, the captains dead and the army in dissaray, the surviving heroes slay warlord Rannek. A mysterious sorcerer is released. Using the rod Renzo recovered from the dead Drow prince, he orders Schlyssa into exile.

Attack of the Whirlmaw

Coradite, Ser Burrick, and Lennex joined the order of Fathis in order to be entrusted with holy relics of the order, which will be provide protection against the Fury.

Our merry band left Fathis well supplied, with Ser Quenton, Orvo, and a halflng slave named Geoffrey in tow. On the edge of town, Ser Quinton sacrificed one of the horses to feed some refugee children. Geoffrey was released from slavery with the seal of Ser Burrick. He took one of the horses and sailed of into the sunset, never to be seen again…?

After travelling deep into the desert, our group of adventurers had the misfortune to stumble upon the nesting grounds of a whirlmaw. The group was severely wounded. With one poorly timed attack, Solaire fell under the whirlmaw, and his innards were butchered in short order.

After the tragic death of Solaire, Lennex raised a heartfelt wish towards the heavens, praying for the return of his dear companion. The spirit of the great owl took pity, and Solaire was restored to life. The whirlmaw was defeated, and riches were gained!

Now onward, to the real battle…

Attack of the Black Hand
So... you were almost assassinated. How does that make you feel?

Our hardened heroes travelled to the shining tower of Fathis. Upon beholding its brilliant visage, they were quickly met with trouble. The proud knight Ser Bertrand Portius, a distant cousin of Ser Burrick de Langley, had come to collect the bounty and glory for bringing in the notorious heretic Orvo Hood. He was accompanies by two other members of the powerful White Steed Cavaliers.

Ser Bertrand’s confrontational attitude and Ser Burrick’s constant need for glory led to the inevitable duel. The jousting match was lost, however Lennex was not satisfied to let it end there. he fired, and Ser Bertrand quickly became a pincushion. This unfortunate state allowed Solaire to cleave the outnumbered and overconfident knight nearly in two.

Ser S’Conrad attempted to escape the clearly un-winnable fight, only to be run down and rendered unconcious by a crazy homeless man. Ser Quinton took the more strategic route, and quickly offered to lend his considerable skill set to the adventuring band in exchange for his life and liberty.

Having passed the final hurdle, all the merry band, including new additions, entered the town surrounding Fathis. it was discovered that Caramies has been sacked. There were few survivors. Undine’s line has also collapsed, spelling economic disaster for the trade-dependent continent.

Orvo remained in a hidden camp so as to avoid his many enemies within the temple, while Lennex entered it with Orvo’s journal to discover and deliver it to his allies.The entire group was hosted by a friendly monk named brother Arjun. Throughout the day, many of their possessions mysteriously moved… but nothing was stolen.

Father Conrad was quickly identified as an ally of Orvo, while father Derkin leads the charges of heresy against him. Lennex was charmed by Father Conrad, and led inquisitors to Orvo’s location. He now rests in the cells with Solaire awaiting trial.

In the night there was an attack on the temple! Brother Arjun attempted the assassination of Father Conrad, but was foiled by the unexpected presence of Lennex and Corodite. An evil spirit took possession of Ser Burrick; he had to be rendered immobile by Renzo. Solaire was attacked by an evil shadow. Luckily, with a few blessed prayer beads, the sun, and a lot of luck he made it through alive.

Where did these attacks come from? Why now, and what do they have in common? The mystery deepens….

Last time on Pathfinder...
So much happened that we forgot to write it down!

So much happened that your trusty life-narrator is going to use point form on this baby:

-We killed Wanda and saved Deyna’s young apprentice. Deyna was grateful and is now lifelong friends with you all. “Special” friends with Lennex
- We continued North to an inn called the Cock’s Ring. Lennex attempted to beat the barkeep at a game of throwing knives, but was defeated. Solaire invented some weird “leg wrestling” competition and managed to win by freak accident. He gained the game master’s ring and the bar keep transformed into a rooster
-Coradite and Orvo were kidnapped by Scylax the Ravager. We rescued them, but not before Orvo suffered a “ravaging”
-We spent time buying armour in Caramias
-We fought bands of raiders from Rannek’s tribe on two separate occasions, managing to save some survivors. Learned that at least five villages have been destroyed so far

And then….

Ser Burrich de Langley was hired by the Temple of Fathis to return the artifacts “borrowed” by Orvo to aid in his investigation. Rather than fight for custody of Orvo and the relics, he agreed to share the spoils in return for cooperation in completing his quest.

It was revealed that Orvo had possession of a fourth artifact of incredible power, the Fury of Fathis. While its exact capabilities are currently unknown, Orvo claims that it can overpower almost any enemy, but can only be activated once each time it leaves the temple.

Although the plight of the refugees in Caramias was dire, it was decided that the group should go directly to Fathis rather than relying on an unknown and possible dangerous power to take down Rennek’s hordes and the red dragon.

The journey to Fathis has been quick and mostly uneventful. We now crest a hill to see a high tower, blazing with the sun’s light….

In the Dead Chambers
Ghouls, Zombies, and Traps, Oh My!

Last time on Pathfinder…

In an attempt to rescue young Freya from the Evil Necromancer Wanda, our fearless heroes descended into an ancient ruin. They discovered a maze of complex interlocking tunnels, many of them inhabited by the undead.

Behind a painting of a fat man with a mustache, a secret tunnel was discovered. Unfortunately for Coradite’s neck, these tunnels happen to be infested with Ghouls. A small room containing embalming tools and various potions was found by Coradite, who looted some fragile looking re-dead flasks.

Finally free of the cramped tunnels, our heroes entered a large chamber with four desecrated tombs. After a careful search, Solaire found the last remaining bone of Kraithus, the sword that cleaves the darkness.

To the east a mysterious dial was located. Many other rooms and passages were explored, and a map was found. With the map’s assistance, Solaire and Coradite were able to reach the hall of exalted saints. Once there they found untold wealth in gold, gems, and magical weapons. Above these items, a stern warning to intruders: “let none presume to steal from the exalted ones. Evil will be exterminated in our sight. Greed will disappear from our presence.”

The ghost of a golden saint appeared before Solaire and Coradite, to ask for assistance in purifying the temple. He offers advice: The golden feather is of powerful magic, and may offer a boon in time of great need. The bone of Kraithus hosts his spirit. It longs to cleave the darkness – given the correct tools, a skilled weapons smith and enchanter may be able to give that desire a useful form. He reminds Corodite of her blue dart, which may prove useful against an unexpected opponent. As a final word of wisdom, he suggests that the only way to face the final battle united is for one to first walk the test chambers apart.

The Birds

Our brave adventurers set out from the Elven city of Venyar with horses, a cart, and plenty of adventuring supplies. Twelve days pass uneventfully as they cross the lowland hills and farmland. They meet a lovely human couple on the road who reports villages being incinerated to the North. Drinks are had, venison is eaten, and the happy couple continues on there way.

On the twelfth day the path crosses through the town of Straith, the main landmarks of which include The Red Nose Ale House and Bartholomew’s Smithy. Skipping the Pub in favour of a more industrious locale, our merry band proceeds to the smithy without delay. They peruse Bartholomew’s wares, but are disappointed by the price tag of his magical swords. They inquire about their origins, and eventually discover that the enchantments are done by Deyna, a local Hedge witch. Bartholomew reluctantly provides directions to her hut in the forest.

En route to Deyna’s house, our brazen crew runs afoul of a giant Owl. They soon ascertain that it is in a state of panic, and Lennex manages to communicate peaceful intentions with the help of his falcon friend. The cause of said panic is soon revealed to be a giant undead crow. A great battle ensues, and this time even Orvo Hood gets his hands dirty with a little congealed bird blood. Victorious Glorious Renzo grapples the unholy creature and tears of its head with a mighty twist. Unfortunately, upon disruption the undead mass bursts into an entire flock of undead ravens. Renzo and Corodite are both blinded by their frenzied talons. Solaire manages to avoid any serious harm, and together he, Lennex, Corodites air elemental, and Orvo manage to decimate the unending swarm. The great owl swoops to finish off the final survivors.

Grateful, the great owl brings treasures down from its aerie to thank the adventurers for their aid. Among other things, this included a jade statue and a golden feather..

Although impeded by two blinded members, our tired crew eventually find Deyna. They discover that she is an especially attractive elf with dark hair, a practical apron, and belt heavy with a great many leather pouches of various sizes. Like the owl, she is grateful for the raven extermination, and offers a spot on the hearth and aid to the weary band.

Deyna offers assistance to Solaire in determining the cause of his recent disfigurement. She also promises an enchantment of disrupt undead to one weapon in trade for the jade statue. In order to accomplish this magic she needs a feather from an undead raven and a piece of something holy.

As they collapse in front of the warm hearth, our adventurers begin to feel the chills….

We are on a boat!
This is the real deal

Our brave adventurers had quite the eventful sea voyage. Lennex and Coradite explored the Captain’s cabin together. In this den of filth they discovered documents linking Hyacinth and the contractor pirates with a mysterious employer. This employer is collecting military intelligence on the major capitals of the continent. Orvo Hood was informed of this discovery, and he is convinced that it is the proof he has been searching for. He want to show it to the temple elders and his mentor, high priest Conrad, to prove his theories about the growing evil in the west. The group agreed to stop at Venyar for supplies, then continue on to the Temple of Fathis.

Also discovered was the Captain of the vessel, passed out drunk. He was briefly interrogated, then promptly executed for his crimes. His slightly obvious foot tattoo helped Lennex break the safe code and access the supplies within. Several bottles of knock out gas, some fine textiles, coins, a few gems, and a high quality bow were procured.

Meanwhile, Solaire was fishing. He caught a very sparkly swordfish, then promptly slaughtered it. Unknown to him, this was a magical and intelligent animal. A mysterious blue mark has begun to spread across his chest and neck. At night he has disturbing/ sexy dreams about a well endowed fish woman.

A swordfish feast is enjoyed by all. The following day, Solaire, Lennex, and Renzo explore below deck. They find and kill several rodents of unusual size. The cargo meanwhile, is very disappointing. The only things of note is a mysterious stone tablet with undecipherable writing and a crate full of mermaid scales.

To Run Away, or not to run away, that is the question...
We are almost certainly running away.

After transforming the dark chapel of the black hand into a blazing inferno and slaying Slave Master Zane, our brave adventurers sensibly took the opportunity to flee Hyacinth and her possessed minions.

Soon after exiting the burning palace, the group met the same halfling slave who had earlier delivered messages for Orvo Hood. For reasons unknown, he attempted to foil their escape. His treachery was his doom. His body know rots in the bushes, well feathered by arrows.

The only way off the island is by necessity a ship, so the heroes of this tale bluffed their way into the good graces of one Prince Perci’Val, a (non-to-bright) elven lord from lands unknown. It soon becomes apparent that he is fleeing the island for reasons of his own: crippling debt. He attempts to persuade his new found companions to pay this debt as payment for their passage off the island. Being very vulnerable to persuasion of all kinds, Perci’Val eventually sees reason and agrees to pawn one of his valuable (and hideous) paintings by the famous artist Garivondi as leverage gainst the debt, thus freeing him to leave the island.

In the morning our well rested band of quasi-nobles emerges onto a busy dock, ready to leave this horrid island behind them. At the last moment, terrible news arrives – Orvo Hoods plot to destroy Hyacinth is discovered! He now faces execution by “Bitsee”, a local tradition which proceeds as follows: Whipping, submersion in a salt water pool filled with flesh eating fish, and finally, disembowelment with a trident.


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