The Fury of Fathis

Last time on Pathfinder...

So much happened that we forgot to write it down!

So much happened that your trusty life-narrator is going to use point form on this baby:

-We killed Wanda and saved Deyna’s young apprentice. Deyna was grateful and is now lifelong friends with you all. “Special” friends with Lennex
- We continued North to an inn called the Cock’s Ring. Lennex attempted to beat the barkeep at a game of throwing knives, but was defeated. Solaire invented some weird “leg wrestling” competition and managed to win by freak accident. He gained the game master’s ring and the bar keep transformed into a rooster
-Coradite and Orvo were kidnapped by Scylax the Ravager. We rescued them, but not before Orvo suffered a “ravaging”
-We spent time buying armour in Caramias
-We fought bands of raiders from Rannek’s tribe on two separate occasions, managing to save some survivors. Learned that at least five villages have been destroyed so far

And then….

Ser Burrich de Langley was hired by the Temple of Fathis to return the artifacts “borrowed” by Orvo to aid in his investigation. Rather than fight for custody of Orvo and the relics, he agreed to share the spoils in return for cooperation in completing his quest.

It was revealed that Orvo had possession of a fourth artifact of incredible power, the Fury of Fathis. While its exact capabilities are currently unknown, Orvo claims that it can overpower almost any enemy, but can only be activated once each time it leaves the temple.

Although the plight of the refugees in Caramias was dire, it was decided that the group should go directly to Fathis rather than relying on an unknown and possible dangerous power to take down Rennek’s hordes and the red dragon.

The journey to Fathis has been quick and mostly uneventful. We now crest a hill to see a high tower, blazing with the sun’s light….


SaraGlasgow SaraGlasgow

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