The Fury of Fathis

Naked Battle in the Steaming Onsen

So many glorious battle poses.

After looting the field, our battle weary friends spoke to the Elderling about his long captivity with the Drow Shadow Nation. As it turns out, the name isn’t completely symbolic. The entire nation is covered in a literal shadow powered by dark magic, which allows the drow people to walk unimpeded by sunlight at any hour. The mastermind behind the plot to expand this shadow empire is Queen Ryulan.

Equipped with new knowledge and eager to fund an expedition into the wastes, the group added the Elderling to their numbers and returned to Fathis for their reward. Unfortunately, Ser Quinton beat them to it. he took the entirety of credit and reward, becoming famous as savior of the Feh’Run fringe towns.

Too battle weary to fight for their just reward, our heroes retired to the steaming baths of the fire god.

Suddenly, assassins!

Our brave heroes fight for their lives, naked limbs dripping with sweat and onsen water. steam swirls about their bodies as they dodge and thrust with skill. The deadly drow assassins are defeated! Coradite is rescued from the magic chains! Hurrah!

But questions remain. Why, one might wonder, do you pose such a threat to Ryulan that she would risk such an open attack in the heart of the continent? The Darkness is coming…..


SaraGlasgow SaraGlasgow

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