The Fury of Fathis

The Ascension of Saint Renzo

He died in GLORY

Our weary heroes travelled to meet with the courtesan Chan’dell at the Prudent Lady Inn. Upon arrival at the snooty establishment, they discovered several characters of note in town. Ser S’Conrad in particular turned heads with his offer for an award for the capture of the vagabond murderer, Renzo.

While napping by the wagons, Cordite suddenly began to feel intense hatred towards Renzo, and began to plot his downfall without delay. As a druid, she naturally did this by relying on the forces of nature. When Renzo was discovered and put in the stocks over night to await trial by combat, she set venomous snakes on him.

A hazy, blood coloured sun rises on the new day. Renzo is taken from the stocks and paraded before the jeering crowds. Ser S’Conrad plans to execute Renzo without delay, but is persuaded by Renzo’s stalwart companions to trial by combat. Unfortunately, Cordite decides to provide S’Conrad with the ‘favour’ of Bulls Strength.


SaraGlasgow SaraGlasgow

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