The Fury of Fathis

The Battle of the Flaming Wastes

Six fools take on an army and miraculously survive. Mostly.

Five foolhardy adventurers chased the forces of warlord Rannek, accompanied by the mighty dragon Schlyssa, into the wasteland that fringes the Feh’Rhun desert. Upon reaching this warcamp, they decided to attempt a stealthy entry.

Coradite inflitrated in rat form, while Lennex attempted a mix of stealth, disguise, and bluffing. Unfortunately, he was very bad at impersonating a human desert dweller. With the aid of Ser Quinton he managed to gain entrance to the command tent. Seeing a drow prince reading on a chez lounge, he carefully stepped into a position behind the unsuspecting neck. Poised with a dagger, he struck suddenly! Things escalated quite quickly from that point.

Lennex flew about like Peter Pan, Renzo ran through the army like Sonic the hedgehog, Coradite became a little tornado of elemental fury, Solaire decapitated everyone in sight, and Ser Burrick ended up bound and unconcious on the ground.

Ser Quinton, ever the practical strategist, found this to be the ideal opportunity to rid himself of a hated rival. Still disguised as a member of Rannek’s war band, he leaned in close with a dagger, whispering, “know we know who is strongest. Die in pain”. Ser Burrick’s blood drenched the sands. Ser Quinton blends back into the chaos of battle, unobserved.

After a long and intense struggle, the captains dead and the army in dissaray, the surviving heroes slay warlord Rannek. A mysterious sorcerer is released. Using the rod Renzo recovered from the dead Drow prince, he orders Schlyssa into exile.


SaraGlasgow SaraGlasgow

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