Drow Shadow Nation

There are rumors that the Drow have established a settlement on the Western coast. Few details are confirmed because really, who would want to go there to find out????

The Drow Shadow Nation is much larger and well established than the Eastern human and Elven governments believe. A few shadowy emissaries have begun to visit the major cities to “establish relations”. Access and trade with the DSN is severely restricted. Other races go in (as slaves), and don’t come out. They are in a symbiotic relationship with the White Shark Cooperative.

Based on your experiences, you now know:

The DSN worships Khyarvas (the name sake of their capital city), a shadow deity from the Abyss. They view most other races and deities as enemies that need to be destroyed or enslaved. Some tolerance is given to Fetchlings, Orcs, and half-drow that “know their place”.

Queen Ryulan rules this nation with an iron fist. Unknown magics keep any lands controlled by the DSN in permanent shadow, never to be penetrated by harsh sunlight.

Drow Shadow Nation

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