Venyar and the Lift

Venyar is the Southern capital of the elves. It perches atop the cliffs of Teranis, overlooking the ocean to the South, orchards to the west, and rolling hills to the North. The Quayde river branches into three rivers before pouring over the cliffs, therefore Venyar is also called the waterfall city. The constant shower of mist keeps the local fauna lush and the air cool.

Local industry is heavily focused on the manufacture and trade of fine textiles, especially silk and rare dyes. Venyari blue is actually reserved for members of the royal family in several countries because its incredible price make it a status symbol. Other significant trades include fine art, jewellery, and the export of medicinal herbs.

The city is composed of dozens of graceful white towers rising high into the heavens, each one flying a colourful banner which dances in the sea breeze. Each tower is home to one of the elven clans; the banners display the clan symbol, while its quality and size denote clan importance.

A Temple of Oura sits on the outskirts of Venyar, and its white robed priests are often seen about the city. The temple displays thousands of kites, flags, spinning screens, and wind chimes. As a result the entire structure appears to be in a constant state of movement.

The entire city smells of ocean air, flowers, and fresh cut herbs. The road ways are well organized, yet feel more like large garden paths due to their winding routes, substantial moss growth, statuary, and even-present flower beds. Shop fronts in Venyar tend to be clean and quite, but brightly coloured

Non-elves are welcomed in the city only for brief trading hours in the early afternoon. A longer stay requires a mark of approval from one of the elven clans, and even that does not permit an over-night stay. At best, other species are seen as uncivilized children who are apt to make a mess or cause a disturbance if left alone too long.

As a result of these policies, a separate entity has popped up around the lower port. Simply referred to as “Lift”, this mid sized town contains the only inns within proximity of Venyar. Non-elves stay here at night, then take the lift into Venyar proper for trading hours. This town is a much more stereotypical port. It is filled with low quality inns, bad wine, a red light district, fa fish market, and muck of every variety. There is a nicer side of town adjacent to the lift which houses the higher end residences for visiting dignitaries and wealthy merchants.

Venyar and the Lift

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